Caravan Park Cabins

January 8, 2009 by · Comments Off on Caravan Park Cabins 

Caravan park cabins are proving extremely profitable for park owners due to their popularity with Australia’s grey nomads and families on a holiday break. Caravan park stayers are seeking a higher standard of accommodation than in days past and so deluxe cabins and holiday villas are increasingly sought after.

Typical Caravan Park Cabins

Typical Caravan Park Cabins

Speaking personally, the better the standard of accommodation at a caravan park the longer I am prepared to stay, and if the standard is poor I’ll leave early. I think this behaviour is typical of most caravan park visitors. Australians have become conditioned to higher standards of accommodation in our homes and are less prepared to put up with lower standards in our travel accommodation as we travel Australia than our parents were. For this reason caravan parks around Australia have been increasing the number of cabins and positioning them in prime positions with views or lake, river, and ocean access. In the past cabins were often positioned in out of the way spots in the park – not anymore, going on my recent experiences.

As one of Australia’s leading cabin manufacturers we have lots of different cabin designs that are suitable for caravan park accommodation or backpacker units and are happy to customize them to your requirements. For example, if you are looking to cater for backpackers and want a long module that has 4 bedrooms with 2 double-decker bunks in each bedroom, we can build it! We can supply prefabricated transportable buildings, or buildings in kit form if that is what you require. Contact us via the enquiry form and we will quote on your requirements or your design.