Relocatable Building Quotes

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Thank you for requesting a quote on a relocatable low cost accommodation unit. Our initial contact will be by phone shortly.


If you would like information and quotes on our wide range of

  • portable cabins
  • portable granny flats
  • caravan park cabins
  • mining camp accommodation units
  • transportable houses
  • prefabricated buildings
  • kit homes
  • transportable or kit home designs
  • backyard cabins
  • backyard studios

OR, if you would like a quote on your own prefab or kit home design, please fill out the form below including your phone number.

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Low Cost Homes

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With the rapid increase in house prices throughout Australia, buying a home of your own is getting increasingly difficult for the majority of families. Transportable houses, cabins, and cottages provide a great low cost entry point to home ownership – for less than the cost of rental in many cases. Start off with a small modular unit and expand as required or as finances permit.

For first home buyers struggling to save a deposit to buy a house there are significant benefits in buying cabin or cottage to get a foot in the real estate market. Obviously the major benefit is the less money borrowed, the less has to be paid back. A second benefit relates to timing. In a rising market, the sooner you buy, the sooner you start to realise capital gains – and you no longer have to worry about getting priced out of the housing market.

Starting off small with a cabin or cottage means you won’t be a slave of the banks and variable interest rates for the next 20 or 30 years. Having a cheaper property that can be paid off quickly makes it easy to get out of debt and obtain financial freedom.

Pensioners and retirees often no longer need a large house and can live comfortably in a small relocatable house. In some cases they could set up a small transportable house in their back yard and rent out the main house as a source of income. We have one, two, and three bedroom standard designs, but can also do four and five bedroom designs, or a custom design.

Transportable and relocatable houses have opened up lots of options for home buyers and investors. Farmers, miners, and holiday makers have been using transportable buildings for years but now others are beginning to see the potential.

Ask us for a quote on any of our standard designs, your design, or a custom designed prefab or kit home.

Granny Flats

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Cabins make the perfect granny flat, backyard studio, or teenagers retreat if you have the room in your backyard. A portable cabin or cottage is usually much cheaper than adding to an existing structure, and has the advantage that it can be sold off when no longer required. Teens and their associated noise can be housed in their own teenage retreat cabin away from mum and dad and younger children.

Portable Granny Flat

Portable Granny Flat

Working at home is becoming very popular with owners of Internet based businesses, and in this situation a cabin makes the perfect backyard getaway where work can be conducted away from distractions in privacy and peace. Likewise, artists seeking space to leave their gear set up can have a cabin studio set up in their back yard.

If you require a flat with wheelchair access it is a simple matter for us to incorporate a ramp and larger openings into any of our designs. Any of our designs can be customized to your requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have driveway access to your rear yard for installing a granny flat or studio because fully prefabricated units, or kit components, can be lifted into position by crane, over your house roof if necessary.

We have lots of different designs suitable for use as a granny flat. If you have your own granny flat design and would like us to provide you with a quote on a prefab or kit, please fill out the enquiry form.

Caravan Park Cabins

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Caravan park cabins are proving extremely profitable for park owners due to their popularity with Australia’s grey nomads and families on a holiday break. Caravan park stayers are seeking a higher standard of accommodation than in days past and so deluxe cabins and holiday villas are increasingly sought after.

Typical Caravan Park Cabins

Typical Caravan Park Cabins

Speaking personally, the better the standard of accommodation at a caravan park the longer I am prepared to stay, and if the standard is poor I’ll leave early. I think this behaviour is typical of most caravan park visitors. Australians have become conditioned to higher standards of accommodation in our homes and are less prepared to put up with lower standards in our travel accommodation as we travel Australia than our parents were. For this reason caravan parks around Australia have been increasing the number of cabins and positioning them in prime positions with views or lake, river, and ocean access. In the past cabins were often positioned in out of the way spots in the park – not anymore, going on my recent experiences.

As one of Australia’s leading cabin manufacturers we have lots of different cabin designs that are suitable for caravan park accommodation or backpacker units and are happy to customize them to your requirements. For example, if you are looking to cater for backpackers and want a long module that has 4 bedrooms with 2 double-decker bunks in each bedroom, we can build it! We can supply prefabricated transportable buildings, or buildings in kit form if that is what you require. Contact us via the enquiry form and we will quote on your requirements or your design.

Cheap Cabins

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Cheap cabins providing high value returns on purchase prices are increasingly being used as caravan park cabins and other forms of rental accommodation, plus as granny flats, studios, teenage retreats, workshop admin buildings, and mining worker accommodation in Australia.

Low Cost Cabin

Low Cost Cabin

These cabins also make excellent retirement homes, beach shacks, holiday cabins, farm worker accommodation, and permanent homes for couples or small families. The Government will even give you up to $21,000 first homeowners grant for a combined home and land package which makes buying an already affordable cabin even cheaper for first home buyers, and supports low cost housing in Australia!

We have a wide range of well designed and constructed prefabricated cabins made from low maintenance materials that are easy to transport and install. Our sister company manufactures kit cabins and homes so we cover all bases. There is a good resale market for cabins and they are easy to relocate when no longer required for their original purpose. Ask us for a quote on one of our designs or supply your own design for us to quote on.

The versatility of these low cost portable cabins is extensive as the above list demonstrates, but the real bonus is for first home buyers. There are benefits in the long term cost savings arising from the low purchase price and borrowing costs compared to traditional home building. Buying a regular home usually means that you become a slave of the banks for the next 20 or 30 years and a victim of constantly fluctuating interest rates. Purchasing an affordable cabin or cottage can lead to financial freedom in a relatively short period of time once it is paid off, and can facilitate the move up to previously unaffordable housing.